I've been avoiding my laptop.

In part because it is crap, and in part because it is part of my brain.

It is, can be, should be part of how I think.

To be fair it is not crap. It is an utterly serviceable Dell. It works and it has some tactile and design appeal that I can appreciate. The keys are good. They feel good to type on and have a solid sound to them. It is a tactile flat grey that is suited to work.

Windows 10 is even alright. They are pieces of it I enjoy. But then there are moments that remind me why I should get another Mac.

But this machine is fine.

Windows, no longer a basic mess, will due.

There is work to be done.


I've been using my mobile devices almost exclusively for awhile.

Beautiful windows into the world, but not the tools to create.

Not the words anyway. Imagery they can handle.

Words are one step removed.

Touch typing on a physical keyboard is just more direct.

A sustainable mainline to flesh out your words, your work, your ideas.

To get the work done.